Release 1

Cat Robot Girl + My Eggs

In this issue, Cat Robot Girl is lacking self confidence, not knowing what a wonderful person lives inside of her. She searches far and wide to find the right friend. But it turns out that not everyone expresses friendship the same way. While our darling Cat Robot Girl is all hugs and cuddles, her new friend only feels love in the utter destruction of everything around. After bonding in her new friends way Cat Robot Girl begins to question if this kind of friendship is good for her. Will they find a way to show affection that won't hurt the other, and will Cat Robot Girl ever gain self confidence?

This is where it gets interesting. At the beginning of My Eggs a comet comes down to earth and smashes up a mountain. What will happen next? Mountains are already weird places. Being from the North West (of where?) I was surrounded by mountains that harbored all sorts of hairy creatures. I don't set foot on a mountain if I don't have to.

-Your Mysterious Narrator

Miraculous that we could all be here at this moment in time. Let us appreciate each others talents and delights, and not discuss the matter of money making the worth of someone. Was it the invetion of language, writing,spiritualiy, science and discovery that still brings people together or their counterpart; a financial market pressure. This invoice brought to you perliously past any baron, invester, broker and over any other serpentine creature, historical, ancient or otherworldly. Prints listed here may be the first or only publishings of these fine works.