Release 2

Eye of the Storm #1

Cat Robot Girl is more than excited to meet her brother Cat Robot Boy, even if he gets in between her and her new friend. They say one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. In this issue of Cat Robot Girl, our heroine has gone from friends that physically abuse her to hanging out with the thrashiest fella in town. I'm sure that her brother will have a lot to say when he finds out. He just needs to tell CRG his secret first.

Mohawk plays a musical set at a house party.

We flash some time forward, and find that Cat Robot Girl has become super popular since becoming as tall as a building. In this snapshot, while CRG looks for her bow all over the city, she meets Highway Boy, who is looking to earn the greatest title in the world, even if it means defeating the most evil wrestler in the world, Genosatan.

My Eggs How do you know which is a good egg from a bad egg? When a woman reaches puberty, there are a million eggs sitting in her ovaries, but only 300 to 400 will be ovulated over her lifetime. Where do the rest go? What sinister twist awaits...

-Your Mysterious Narrator

Miraculous that we could all be here at this moment in time. Let us appreciate each others talents and delights, and not discuss the matter of money making the worth of someone. Was it the invetion of language, writing,spiritualiy, science and discovery that still brings people together or their counterpart; a financial market pressure. This invoice brought to you perliously past any baron, invester, broker and over any other serpentine creature, historical, ancient or otherworldly. Prints listed here may be the first or only publishings of these fine works.