Release 3

Eye of the Storm #2

In this issue, the ultimate terror makes it's way to Vancouver. Flesh Wizard knows of a cure for the common death, but he enjoys too much shedding your mortal coil for you.

Genosatan has long imagined that he will be the reigning champ, as Highway Boy stands in his way again. Sometimes it's about keeping up appearences.

A quick search on the internet will tell you that it only takes 15 minutes a day to change your life. But I can say with confidence that Highway Boy and Genosatan are actually 5 minutes away from friendship. If they would only put down their silly belts and pick up a cold one together.

Cat Robot Girl can't keep herself out of the spotlight. The Fish Humans have it out for the Robot Family and they might lose it all if Cat Robot Woman can't win in this issue

-Your Mysterious Narrator

Miraculous that we could all be here at this moment in time. Let us appreciate each others talents and delights, and not discuss the matter of money making the worth of someone. Was it the invetion of language, writing,spiritualiy, science and discovery that still brings people together or their counterpart; a financial market pressure. This invoice brought to you perliously past any baron, invester, broker and over any other serpentine creature, historical, ancient or otherworldly. Prints listed here may be the first or only publishings of these fine works.